Trusted Local Real Estate Sales Producers

Bob and Stevie MackStevie and Bob Mack are household names in the Louisiana real estate market. Stevie was born and raised on the Northshore, while Bob has lived in St. Tammany Parish for most of his life. This successful team has used their extraordinary market knowledge to help families and clients find new homes, earning them the title as the #1 real estate sales producers on the Northshore. They’ve been in business for 28 years, and they are more than ready to help you with your real estate transaction.
Whether you need an expert’s insight or a local’s opinion, Stevie and Bob Mack fit the bill. As real estate agents, they possess an intimate knowledge of the Greater New Orleans area and its market trends, home values, housing amenities, and resale statistics. As neighbors, they are able to guide clients to the most beautiful, historic properties and paint an accurate picture of what living in the area is really like. Their thorough, enthusiastic approach to business continues to boost their success. Stevie and Bob Mack have an impressive record of referrals and repeat clients, which is a testament to their customer service and smooth real estate negotiations.
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