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Lewisburg SignNestled in St. Tammany Parish, Lewisburg has a rich history that comes alive the moment you wander through its beautiful streets. Originally inhabited by settlers in the early 1760s, the Bourque family became one of the largest landowners in Lewisburg. Much of their land was taken back during the Civil War, but Charles Bourque was able to reestablish the family name and reclaim most of the land. Since the first railroad arrived in 1906, the community has flourished. Uniquely mixing the old with the new, Lewisburg is truly a gem of Mandeville.

This land is now home to stately, glorious homes along the waterfront. Homes in Lewisburg radiate southern charm and beautiful, lush landscapes. With access to nearby Lake Pontchartrain, Lewisburg residents embody the boating lifestyle. Homes in Lewisburg are known for their expansive yards and fertile landscapes, making them perfect for families new and old to enjoy. Rest your eyes on swaying historic, old oaks and soak in the natural beauty. Boasting a Live Oak Society honoring registered old oak trees, the community is dedicated to preserving the natural splendor of Lewisburg. A beacon among this society is one of the most revered oaks, the Seven Sisters Oak. She is 55 feet high with a limb span of more than 130 feet, purported to be the world's largest live oak embodying the old-age charm of this area.

Whether you’re one to take part in outdoor activities or prefer to sit back and take in awe-inducing views, Lewisburg has something for everyone. When you’re ready to explore the Northshore, Stevie and Bob Mack have intimate knowledge of its real estate and will guide you through every step of the home-buying or selling process. 

Seven Sisters Oak Tree
Seven Sisters Oak Tree