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Finding Real Estate in Beautiful Covington

Bordered by the Abita, Bogue Falaya, and Tchefuncte rivers, the city of Covington is home to some of the most sought after pieces of real estate on the Northshore. Covington is a city of diverse offerings, ranging from the arts to scenic parks, unique retail opportunities, authentic cuisines, and cultural centers. The city stretches across a timeline that begins in 1813, when the town was named after its founder, John Wharton Collins, a New Orleans merchant. The city's name was soon changed to honor General Leonard Covington, a decorated hero of the War of 1812.

The city prospered economically due to its access to the Bogue Falaya and Tchefuncte rivers, which carried traders from Lake Pontchartrain. In its earliest days, the city became the Northshore's main center of commerce, government, and industry. The railroads brought additional prosperity to the area in 1888. Today, Historic Old Covington still boasts plantation homes dating back to the 1860s, reflecting the ornate decadence of America's Victorian era. Nonetheless, Covington's more modern properties maintain the delicate intricacies of the city's past.

The city's area covers approximately eight square miles, a small fraction of which is covered in water. The mix of elements contributes to Covington's lush flora, ancient oaks, and native Louisiana foliage. This also gives way to inspiring landscapes, diverse recreational parks, and the Covington Trailhead, which opens to a 31-mile trail used for biking, walking, or gathering. It is at this trailhead that the weekly farmers market is hosted amongst other community activities. Additionally, there is a visitors center, marketplace, small movie theatre, and museum, all within walking distance of the downtown shopping district.

Covington's scenic views make the area a highly sought after real estate opportunity. The city has also been featured in numerous films and been home to numerous poets, landscape painters, opera singers, actors, fiddlers, and other prominent artists, politicians, and entrepreneurs of note. Having lived there for many years, Stevie and Bob Mack are no strangers to the appeal of Covington. With more than 28 years in the business and unparalleled client satisfaction, Stevie and Bob Mack can match you with the perfect property. `